Build Your Own Pillow at All Sleep!

Step 1: Choose Your Pillow Shell

Step 2: Choose Your Pillow Fill

Step 3: Choose Your Protector For Your *Adjustment Guarantee

Step 4: Would You Like a Cooling Cover?

*Adjustment Guarantee:
•Purchasing a pillow protector increases the life of your pillow and protects your Free 5 Year Re-Fluffing and Adjustment Guarantee. When you bring your pillow back for a Re-Fluff or Adjustment, your pillow must be in sanitary condition or your guarantee could be voided.

•For 5 years, you can bring your pillow back to the Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk as many times as you need for FREE Re-Fluffing and Sanitation. This process is us sending your filler back through our Fill Station® Machine, so that your pillow feels refreshed and new to support your head properly to take pressure off your shoulder and neck.

•The Fill Station® Zipper Pillow allows us to access your fillers again, so that you can come back to have your pillow adjusted. An adjustment is us adding more filler to your pillow or taking some filler out to make the pillow more comfortable for you. If you add more filler to your pillow, you can access additional cost for pounds added. If you take some filler out, we will bag it up so that you can use it later in your next adjustment at no additional cost.