Mattresses Firmness Classification

Why Do We Measure the Mattresses?

      At All Sleep, we understand that finding a mattress that fits your body is very important. You are unique. What works for the guy next door may not work for you. Your mattress must fit you.

     Your bed is the most important place in your home. It is the place where you go every night to rest. It must be a place that is safe and comfortable, a place where you can let go, a place where you can forget about the every day activities and settle down into yourself, surrendering control to your dreams apart from the world around you.

     You must be comfortable and safe. Your bed is the most important place in your home. Without a good mattress that fits you and your needs, you cannot rest. We take your decision of a new mattress very seriously so that we can meet your needs.

Measuring the Mattresses

     The method that we use to measure our mattresses is very simple, yet very effective. If you have similar weights at home, you can also use this method to measure your existing mattress.

     Industrially, foam firmness is quantified to ILD, meaning Initial Load Deflection. This term is being modernized to IFD, Initial Force Deflection The foam industry uses an eight-inch diameter foot that applies continously increasing amounts of downward pressure. The ILD is the pounds needed to depress the foam twenty five percent of the height.

Elements of Measuring

     When a person sits the edge of a mattress, all their body weight is concentrated onto a very small area. Usually this is much more than forty-five pounds. The impression of firmness or softness when sitting is not reflective of the support delivered to a prone body. Because of this, it is recommended that you visit our store and lie down of your favorite choices.