It’s hot out, but you don’t have to be hot while you’re sleeping. Waterbeds are the only sleeping surface that is customizable for temperature. Too hot? Turn down the temperature on your waterbed heater. When it gets cold again just raise the temperature back up.

And if you and your partner can’t agree on what the temperature of the waterbed should be you can always get a dual system and your perfect temperature is protected on your side of the bed with a thermal divider.

You don’t need the cool side of the pillow when you can have the cool side of the bed!

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Charlie Hall, the inventor of the modern waterbed, was unable to patent his invention because Robert Heinlein had described the waterbed is such precise and exacting detail in several books he had written years earlier.

Heinlein, most famous for his novels Stranger in a Strange Land and Starship Troopers had come up with the idea of the waterbed while he was hospital bound. He found the beds were so uncomfortable and he new there must be a better way for patients to sleep without pain.

His novel Beyond This Horizon, which came out in 1942, 26 years before Charlie Hall invented the modern waterbed, is the first of many works by Heinlein that describe waterbeds.

I’m glad science fiction authors were able to predict waterbeds. But they also predicted jet packs and I’m still waiting for those.

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It is true that hardside (wood frame) waterbeds do weigh a lot, but they are perfectly safe for your home, even if you put the bed on the second floor. Houses are designed to be strong and waterbeds are designed to disperse its weight throughout the whole bed. If your home was built to code and properly inspected having a waterbed will be fine.

But even though they are heavy a waterbed weighs less per square foot than a refrigerator. And we know you’ve always wanted one of those in your bedroom for a midnight snack.

Super Singles weigh approximately 1300 pounds.
Queens weigh approximately 1600 pounds.
Kings weigh approximately 2000 pounds.

And if you’re really worried about the weight and still want the fantastic feel of a waterbed, you can always get a softside waterbed. They weigh less and still feel amazing.

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Much like the goldfish bowl, or the much larger aquarium, or even the ocean itself,
waterbeds do in fact have water in them. The good news is they don’t have fish.

Look, when you try to come up with 100 facts about any subject, you’re going to have to start with the basics.

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