Our Return Policy: No Refunds

Merchandise Credits will be issues for exchanged products.
Original proof of purchase with three day limit.
Mattresses cannot be returned

     Because of the intensely hygienic and personal nature of bedding, we consider any mattress that has spent one night in the home of a customer “no-longer new”.   This is a higher standard than required by state law.   With this policy, our customers can be assured that when they buy a “new” mattress it is brand new.

     We do not sell used mattresses.   It is important to realize that we cannot offer a trial plan without someone incurring the cost of the returned mattresses.  No one wants to pay for this expense.  We honestly don't understand how other companies can offer "Low Price" and "Comfort Guaranty". Connecticut state law is not as strict as our customers.

     Therefore, we do not allow mattresses to be returned.  Take your time when buying a new mattress.  It is our job to help you make the right decision, but it is your decision.