"So, two years ago I needed a mattress. I went to a lot of big name stores. I was headed to New London and passed by your store. My wife and I were looking at mattresses and you asked if you could be of service. I said I was looking for a mattress. You showed us some pieces, gave us the pros and cons and honest advice. The mattress you helped us choose was not the most expensive, but the best for me.
     It turns out, a few months later I got hurt and was bed ridden for the past 20 months. Everything you said about this mattress was true. No springs in some spots, some in others to support my weight. Everything you said was true and honest. Thank you.
     So today I got up and decided to buy a power reclining /lift chair. You're sales rep showed me 4 or 5 chairs that could do what I wanted. I choose the Emerson power lift. The quality of the chair is top shelf, the price fits the budget but the "Honesty and Integrity" you showed 2 years ago sold me today. In today's "Big Box" store world, we're just finding a person to help is a task, finding your store was the answer."
                -Al Murasso, North Windham